Helica Thermal Coagulator

System Overview

Helica Thermal coagulator for the treatment of Endometriosis.

Benefits of the Helica TC:

  • Extremely safe with a simple anaesthetic approach
  • Has a self seeking attraction to diseased tissue
  • Non ionised helium aids patient O2 levels
  • Complete control over the tissue depth
  • Simple to use compared to the commonly used laser device
  • Cost effective
  • Quick set up time
  • Uses across all clinical specialties

The Helica TC is simple to use, as compared to commonly used laser devices (eg CO2, KTP).

Complete control over tissue depth penetration is a prime benefit of using the Helica TC. Minimal tissue penetration is therefore readily feasible. In eradicating diseased tissue in the larynx, as little damage as possible to healthy tissue is crucial. Minimal penetration depth when using the Helica TC on the larynx will mean less laryngeal muscle tissue inflammation as a side effect. Ease of use of the Helica TC within the larynx allows for greater accuracy in treatment and again minimizes potential collateral tissue damage.

The beam of ionized helium from the Helica TC is attracted to the diseased tissue because of the lower resistance to the wet tissue.

The Helica TC is extremely safe to use, quick to set up and far less bulky than conventional laser equipment. Its use of non-ionised helium aids the level of O2 in the patient.

Use of the Helica TC involves a simple anaesthetic approach. On the other hand, laser use entails laser-protected endotracheal tubing and humidified gauze on the face, both of which extend anaesthetic and surgical set-up time.

Use of conventional laser equipment requires the operating surgeon to be a verified laser operator and all theatre staff to be wearing protective eye covering. Less finely controlled conventional laser equipment increases the possibility of collateral tissue damage while in use.

System Specifications

Health Science Authority Device Information:
The device is a helium gas electrosurgical coagulator for use in all soft tissue surgery-laparoscopic, endoscopic and open.

Helium Gas Consumption:
Helium Volume (Laproscopcic Surgery Mode): 2 litres/min*
Helium Volume (Open Surgery Mode): 2.2 Litres/min*
*Volume may reduce with back pressure

Helium Gas Tank Capacity:
1 helium tank has 1200 litres

Helium Beam Distance:
5mm to 10mm

Weight and Input Power:
Weight: 7 kg
Europe: 230V 2A 50Hz
USA: 110V 4A 60HZ

Output Power:
2W to 12W, 16W, 33W

Available Probes

Laproscopic Surgery
LTC: PTFE 4mm ø x 310 mm / Retractable Cutting Tip
LT: PTFE 4mm ø x 310 mm

Open Surgery
OCL90: PTFE 4mm ø x 88 mm / Cutting


Treats Endometriosis with confidence

ResultsNo. of womenLead SurgeonsSource
50% successful treatment after 14 months39Dr P. Dewart (St. John's Hospital, Howden, UK)1
60% of patients had improvements or cure after three months20Drs Cummings and Phillips (Southern General Hospital NHS Trust, Glasgow, UK)2
75% reported resolution and satisfactory improvement of symptoms after 3 months. 87% after 6 months79Drs Nardom, Moustafa and Beymon (Frimley Park Hospital, Surrey, UK)3
71% of patients obtained symptomatic relief after 3 months250Drs Hill, El-Toukhy, Chandaka, Grigoriades and Erian (The Princes Royal University Hospital, Kent, UK)4
67% of patients did not require further surgical intervention213Dr S. J. Stock5

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Otorholaryngology (trials)

The Penetrative Effect of the Helica in Vivo

Helica Thermal Coagulator was tested on abdominal walls from the serosal sides on adult male wistar rats.

Source: The Penetrative effect Of The Helica Thermal Coagulator In Vivo – J. L. Turvill and P. Domizio

Endometriosis locationPower settingTargeted treatment area
Bowel. UreterUp to 4W
Back of broad ligament or over the bladderUp to 6WMinimum 5cm area*
Cul-De-SacUp to 6WEntire Cul-De-Sac*
Uterus, non sensitive organsUp to 16W2 to 4 inches around area of enndometriosis**

* Over One Thousand Patients With Early Stage Endometriosis Treated With HTC: Safety Aspects – Hill, McQueen, Morey, Hanna, Chandakas, El-Toukhy, Erian
** Helica-A Revolutionary New Surgical Treatment For Early Stage Endometriosis – Richard Kin

Information above is extracted from Helica papers, written by respective authors. Final Helica settings are always determined by doctor’s own professional expertise and experience.